I have been in recovery mood all week from Gencon exhaustion. I loved the conference and overall had a huge blast hanging out with all of the DDO players and making new friends.

I discovered I might actually like to play a game of the new 4.0 DnD. I know its blasphemy, but after sitting down for an hour to play a demo, I found it really fun.

Jerry already has covered a lot of Gencon on his blog and he has a bunch of great pics. I am just going to put up a couple of my own here.

This is a pic of out True Dungeon group. We mananged to survive the dungeon and it was full of giggles and riddles and overall fabulous adventuring.

One of the artists had painted this bike. The picture totally doesn't do it justice, but it was Amazing looking!

On of the DDO players had these super fantastic t-shirts. I got a pic of this one. Had me laughing everytime I saw him in a new one.

Things I bought this year... New pink dice, T-shirts (I can never have enough gaming t-shirts), D20 necklace and earrings, Grid map for DnD mini play, LFG hardback comic( and I got it signed), Bundle of Trouble Volume 1 (Jolly signed it for the hubby), a new card game Gloom (I played this several times at the con and its fun)... I think thats all I bought. All I know is my backpack weighed a ton when I got on my return plane home. :D

Jerry recorded the DDOcast crew on video while we did a live show from Gencon. You can watch the video below and put faces with voices.

It was a fabulous con. I love to game. Board games, card games, video games, you name it I love to play em. I know some of the DDO players were disappointed Turbine didn't have a booth, but to be honest, while I kinda missed them, there was too much to do to dwell on their absence.

I met great players, made new friends and can't wait for next years Gencon!

Game on!!!