A long Summer

I have few relevant excuses for my long blogging absence.

I had a wee accident about a month ago. It involved a knife, an avocado and 2 surgeries. All I can say is, I lost, the avocado won, and I am still typing one handed. Boo hiss.

So what have I been up to?

Not a whole lot.

I haven't gamed in so long I am not sure I remember how. No matter what I have tried one handed doesn't cut it on the PS2, Xbox 360 nor any of my computer games. Suxors.

I took a trip to Washington DC. I loved all the history in one place. I hated the traffic. And the highlight of my trip was watching a Congressman from California hit a car while trying to parallel park in Georgetown :)

I took some nice pics while in DC. I love my camera and I am getting somewhat better at pictures.

Picture of the Lone Sailor at The Navy Memorial

Picture of the Marine Memorial

Overall, I am not enjoying my summer overly much. The puppy has been sick, Navy stuff is rarely fun, and I find the needs of many often seem to out way the needs of the few, for which I am often disgusted.

I am looking forward to this next week though. GENCON BABY! The hubby has to work again this year, but I have my plane ticket, badge, hotel and mad money!

So while I try and hurry time along, I hope someone out there is having some fun.

Game on!!!