Microtransaction Mayhem

I logged onto DDO this morning and got the shock of my life. Turbine announced DDO Eberron Unlimited today. The Super Secret they have been trying to hammer out for almost a year is out of the bag.

I have thoughts. Most of them too riddled with flaming explicatives to post here.

Basically, DDO reached the natural level cap of 20 and Turbine decided to take the game free to play.

It could be good.

It could be disastrous.

For all of the communities bellyaching over lack of marketing and lack of new players, Turbine has rewarded them with the ultimate Deck of Many things. Be careful what you pull, cuz it may "sound" good, but ummmm maybe it won't turn out like you think.

If you have a current subscription to DDO you have been upgraded to VIP. *golf clap* Which in essence equals nothing has changed for you. You will still play the game the same way you have.

If you have never tried DDO, in the future you will be able to play without purchasing. My understanding at this moment is you will have a level cap, limited access to content, and the ability to purchase additional yumminess from an in game store.

The details of the store and its pricing are forth coming. I don't have them. Don't ask me.

Do I like it?

Hell no.

Where's Mod 9?

Ummm no where. There is a closed beta (by invitation only) availabe on Turbines DDO.com homepage. In multiple postings it has been said Mod 9 as we knew it is no longer. A major update to the game is going to happen "late" this summer and will include what we thought of as mod 9. There will be no mod 10... it is now being called update 1.

In other words, they have lied AGAIN and strung us along with this MOD 9 crap for 7 months while they hashed out the details of their new venture with Atari.


I am disheartened that my game of choice has just been given the ulitmate of insults... a downgrade to Free MMO... bleh.

Kiddies delight.

Let there be no mistake... the lower levels of the game will be rife with little ones whining over voicechat for mommies credit card so they can buy more goodies for their toon.

*huge dramatic sigh*

I am hoping there is some sort of good spin. As of yet, I am not seeing the light, but then I have watched this model of game in Dungeon Runners. Been there, done that, have the t-shirt.

Enough of my rant. I am off to game while I can.

Goodbye DDO Stormreach. I miss you already.