A new to me game...

I have been trying to let my anger over DDO's decision to go free to play rest a while. I haven't been up to playing much lately. When I am in game, all I seem to think about is how it is going to be different soon.

So I had to find something new to do.

I also wanted to understand more about the Free to Play concept.

I bought Guild Wars.

I've been playing around with it for about 10 days now.

I have found myself actually having a good time with a game I would never have thought of picking up.

First, let me be clear. It's not a straight MMO in my mind. It's more of a cooperative play experience. You can definitely solo your way through most of the missions, but you're going to have more fun if you're in a guild.

I've managed to see past the lack of action based combat and find other joys. The leveling system is based more on skills, and that is where you can have the fun building your character. You can mix and match to your hearts content and make as unique a build as you would like.

There is a lot of content. The world is simply huge. There are short little missions, or larger more involved missions. You have pets, who you can rename, henchmen you can hire to help you on a mission, or you can get hero's who level up with you.

The guild housing is spectacular. The party screen easy to read, banking is readily available, inventory space can be upgraded, you have guild cloaks you can wear around with pride and you can dye your armor.

All of this in a game with no subscription fee.

There are some things available in the store, like a makeover for your character, buying additional character slots, or more bank space, but there isn't the nickel and dime micro transactions. There are no buy a mission, buy points, buy this and that every time I turn around.

The loading is seamless.

From the time I put the disc into the computer to the time I logged into game was 7 minutes. It was a shock to be in that fast. I figured I would be all day downloading 4 years worth of content, but the game works with a some kind of mini file system that loads as you, so there is no big download to preclude you from jumping right in.

Overall I am having a blast learning something new.

In other news, my puppy is growing like a weed, the Navy is still confusing to learn and I have caught the blasted summer cold that has been going around here.

Nothing overly exciting.

Oh except someone ran over my mailboxes.

I have no idea what hit them, but it had to be a tank LOL

I am still trying to figure out where my mail is going. *sigh* Good thing I pay all of my bills online these days because I am quite sure some of my mail has gone missing.

I am off to take some more medicine and maybe try and get in some game time if I feel up to it. GAME ON!!!