Xbox 360

I have gone over to the dark side.

I bought an Xbox 360. *sigh*

I can't help it. There were some games I wanted that just weren't available on the PC, so I had to do it. I know I am cheating on my computer. I will buy it a new keyboard or something to make it feel better.

First can I just say that the bloody console sounds like it is going to take off in flight the second you turn it on? Are they supposed to sound like that?

And why do I need to buy gold? Is this a micro transaction thing?

Why do I need an xbox live gold membership? Is this Microsoft's way of bleeding me for more money?

And why in blue blazes is a new Xbox 360 game 60 bucks brand new?

I have a lot of questions and not a whole lot of answers right now.

I got involved with this mess because I wanted play Star Ocean. Its one of those Japanese games, but I can't help myself. I wanted it bad. If you have never tried it, give it a whirl. The battle system is FABULOUS and real time. I had the money put aside, so I went for it with the hubsters blessing.

And yes, I checked with him first because I was going to have to talk him into hooking the blasted contraption up when I got home. :D

I haven't had a whole lot of time to play with it this week. I have figured out my gamertag stuff ( I have added my gamertag to my blog. Yes you may add me as a friend. If you send me weird mail or date me messages you are going to be ignored :D) and I now have an actual Xbox live account.

I don't know. Why is it I feel I am being sucked into some Microsoft black hole from which I will never return?

I already received an Ipod as a gift this year and I was staunchly against Apple for the longest.

With every new contraption comes a new set of accessories. A 100 bucks for the wireless internet for the Xbox 360. 80 bucks for a hard drive for the Xbox 360. Apparently I now need a headset for it and there are special ones that cost more than the pricey one I have for my computer.

Basically, its all a way for them to make more money off of me.


I am almost disgusted with myself for buying it *stares at her controller*

Ummm ok, not that sick about it. I am off to game :D