I haven't been to the theater in years. I don't do crowds well, the seats are always uncomfy and well, just about anything I thought of seeing, I could catch on DVD at some point.

I have fabulous friends though, and one of them convinced me it was time to actually GO to the theater.

Wicked was just too good to pass up.

It's the story of the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of OZ. If you are thinking in your head, "Oh poo who cares?" You are doing yourself a disservice.

I was awed by the whole experience. The sets were fabulous. You can't take pictures while the play is being performed, but I got these couple of snapshots of the stage before the curtain went up.

The dragon had wings that moved, fiery red eyes and blew smoke> I wanted to smite him!

A map of The Land of OZ with the Emerald City in the middle. A shot of the whole stage.

I had a awesome time. Really. I didn't mind the seats because I was so interested in where the story was going I didn't care. The lead had a set of lungs on her that took my breath away.

So if you have a chance to check out the show, please please do. I am including a link to the website here. WICKED

In other news, still no Mod 9 for DDO. I am hearing scuttlebutt about licensing issues... since I am only aware of Wizard of the Coast and Codemasters and Atari, and Codemasters is more the European distributer, Atari has more pressing issues considering their bankruptcy ( and who is now hasbro if I understand all that corporate wrangling correctly who is the owner of Wotc), I am leaning towards WOTC being silly. Nice of them. After experiencing their unwavering lack of support for the Franchise last year at Gencon, I am not surprised. I need someone over at Turbine to roll a 20 and vorpal the WOTC issues please.

I breeze by DDO a couple of times a week, but I have been kidnapped by my XBOX 360.

Fable 2 won't let me go. I can't help it, I buy property, play with my doggie, fight baddies and generally have a blast.

I may or may not being doing a podcast today. I am feeling ranty over the Mod 9 tardiness. I am tired of he said, she said and want the bloody thing released. I am trying to think of a positive tact I can have on my segment.

Wish me luck.