Wavy mornings and some DDO

I have been trying to take the puppy to the beach for days. Dogs aren't allowed on the beach from 10-6 :( So this means I have to wake up early. Now I realize some of you are like "that's not early!", but in my world 10 am is up with the rooster. I managed to shake off my sloth and get her out there today. We were on the beach by 8:30am. I might have been cranky for a few minutes while I let the Dr Pepper rev my system, but puppy was wide awake.

I think overall she liked the beach more on this visit. She loved the sand, and ran, dug and rolled in it. Waves she was not so thrilled with. I would walk through the surf and she would be as close as she could be to me while staying dry. If a wave looked like it was going to get near her, she would blot across the sand.

I think if she could have figured out how to pounce on a wave all would have been well :D

The water was cool running over my feet, but the warm sand seemed the perfect place to stick my toes.

Just a great way to greet the day.

I had some errands to do this morning, but I was excited about coming home and playing some DDO.

Of course it's the day when they decide to have a mega implosion and no one was able to log in for hours :D

I thought I knew this game pretty well. I have been working on a revamp of the Quest list I keep up on the forums. This required a total reworking to add in all the quests I was missing, looking up raid info and then on to the real fun.

Before it is published, I or someone else I trust will have stepped into every quest in this game to check on the Base xp (on nomral) and other info.

As I run my finger down the list of 200 odd quests, I find there are some I am fairly unfamiliar with. I maybe have run them once or twice. What is it about these quests that make them ignored?

The Pit (lvl 7) I understand. It gets under people skin. The favor for it, and the optional Muckdoom make it palatable for some, but most of us will run it once and then never again.

Three Barrel Cove got that mega upgrade. I don't think I ever see LFM's for it. I mean probably NEVER. Why? Legend of Two Toed Tobias is actually a fun little quest, but yeah ok, the XP is a little low on it I guess.

So as I am making this adventure I am finding there is really a lot of content we just ignore?


Still doesn't make me want to quit howling for mod 9 :D

I am off to do more work.