Waiting Game

"Hurry up and Wait" I hear the above phrase uttered unendingly in my new military spouse life. It's a mantra. I try and put a good spin on it, but in all honesty, its absolutely true. For those wondering, I am acclimating to the Navy lifestyle with all the sputters, murmured curses and feet dragging you would all expect of me.

Tricare remains a black hole into which I am swallowed anytime I make a call or log onto their website. Oh and filing a claim with them is worse than filling out your taxes every year. A Standard HMO can be a nightmare to manage, add the military red tape and you find yourself in the rings of H E L L!!!

I am grateful to all my old and new friends who send me encouraging words and listen to my rambling vents on the newest kink I find in my life everyday.

For all the negatives in learning to live your life in the Navy fishbowl, there are a ton of positives. I am attending a formal ball next week. I am thinking this is sort of along the lines of a Prom for adults, except we won't be sneaking alcohol we will be paying through the nose for it :)

There are a bazillion wonderful people I have met who fill my life with snippets of humor and hold my hand, or lead me back along the right path... oh and well they might slap a hand across my mouth to keep me from cussing out the hospital or Dr or screaming from frustration as I stare at the little pull tab with a number on it while I wait in line for a prescription :) Seriously, why does it take almost 2 hours every time I go there? *sigh*

Life is fabulous and I complain, sometimes loudly, but I wouldn't give up a second of it!

Gaming time has been a mixture of Mass Effect and DDO.

I play DDO because I love the game. At the moment, I play it to remind myself of this fact as we "Hurry up and Wait" for Mod 9. Still no official word on it.

*Taps her foot*

Zeffy has been loving gaming time.

I have a *gasp* PINK ottoman under my desk for long sessions at the computer. Zeffy has taken it over for her naps when I am up here. Cracks me up to see her all sprawled out. At least she's comfy, but why do I think this is only the first in a long line of objects she will usurp???

I ran into one of my favorite bugs in DDO the other night.

I logged into the portable hole on my newly minted level 14 sorcerer. I guess it was moving day? The store keepers, bar and even the stairs seemed to be missing in the portable hole.

This bug has been a round a long long time. It's random. Doesn't happen often.

And it never ceases to make me giggle when I load into a zone and the graphics are just missing.

I am off to game...I can't decide if I want to finish my mission in Mass Effect, or go work on a project I have going in DDO.