Murphy's Law

You ever have one of those days? You know the kind I mean. You reach for the toilet paper and the roll is empty, there isn't a Kleenex in the Kleenex box and you are having a sneezing fit, every time you pick up a drink you spill it on yourself...

Maybe I am alone in this, but I don't think so.

I am having one of those days and have been having them for a week. I would kindly like to ask if I can possibly share one with anyone out there... no refunds or exchanges. I don't want the blasted thing back.

The phone rang this morning before the sun was up and it was a wrong number. I realize it is early morning, but could people possibly check what number they are dialing???

Between finding empty Kleenex boxes and changing shirts after spilling Dr Pepper, I managed to remember it hasn't been a completely crappy week.

I took the dog to the beach. Little one doesn't appreciate sand and water yet. She looked like a newborn gazelle walking in the sand. All legs, splayed out like a tripod as she navigated the warm beach. The ocean was too loud I think. She sniffed at it, but overall seemed unimpressed. Considering I am a block from the beach, she has plenty of time to learn to love it. :D

In gaming news, still no Mod 9 from Turbine. We hear it is forthcoming. I am holding my breath.

On the Static group front... OMG we BEAT THE DRAGON!!!

After three attempts, most of which was learning how to take down the pillars, our troop managed to get to the gate.

Keylet the crossbow wielding rogue (who really does more damage than any of us and also she is always ahead of us in experience, little halfling snot), Ostryth (who I call ostritch because he has a habit of making character names I can never spell or pronounce) the battle cleric, Rowanslash "I never have health pots" the fighter, Borgii (ummm I am dead again) the sorcerer, Hellmutt the naked dancing dwarf ranger, and Rhaid the "I raise people from the dead" paladin, buffed, waxed, talked strategy and finally, as the clock was ticking down, CHARGED the mighty red beast.

And we beat her. With just the six of us. No dragon banes, no plus 6 stat items, just a plain old beat down.

When we got the message she was dead, we all sorta stood around for a minute. I think it was shock.

Here are our victory pictures. We did have one piece of raid loot... a shield. Ok, so it wasn't overly exciting loot, but by gods we killed the red dragon and we are proud.

And yes, I jumped off and did a swan dive towards Stormreach :) Of course I was dead in the marketplace. Seriously clerics, if you see a ghost in the marketplace you CAN raise them. Common courtesy.

I am off to do some mid-day gaming. Maybe it will improve my snarky mood.