Slow thaw

It's been a long winter, and I am so looking forward to Spring. Actually, technically speaking it is Spring, however Mother Nature got a little confused around here. I am still wearing long sleeves, donning a coat, and wishing for a warm breeze. I can see the beach from my house. I want to grab my chair and a book and go rest my toes in the baking sand.

Alas, its still in the 40's here.

I wouldn't be as perplexed and overly concerned if I hadn't done the unthinkable.

I got a puppy.


I think part of the puppy debacle came from everyone needling me about babies.

I am not having a baby at this time...hand to the gods... so I got the puppy.

One of my friends caught this picture of the puppy at an Easter Egg Hunt. She is just too cute right?

Alright I will admit it, at 6:30 am when she wakes up and wants to be walked and it is 40 degrees outside, she isn't all that cute.

But then I am married now which means I can share the responsibility. Hence hubby being the one booted out of a comfortable bed at the ungodly hours this blasted puppy keeps.

We adore her. We really do. She has all kinds of toys, food options, chewy thingies, a pink bandanna for her to sport on long walks and enough love to drown in.

One of the fun things about raising an animal is watching their reactions to the world. For instance, car alarms freak her out like they do me. She isn't at all scared of heights, and she finds the sounds of the washing machine soothing.

We're in love.

Thankfully she doesn't mind when I game.

If you haven't been keeping up, check out DDOcast. Jerry has done one heck of a superb job detailing the new MOD 9 coming to DDO soon!

I say soon, because even though the community of players voted Turbine Number One devleoper over on the Escaptist's March Mayhem Tournament, we have yet to see much more than a smattering of "oh pretty" from Turbine over the last month.

The third Anniversary of the game left most of us old timers with a bad taste in our mouths. No real event on the live servers, no birthday cake, market place hoorah, nothing ... well ok, there was a video contest. I enjoyed watching it, but still. Come on already.

I can only hope Turbine is soooooo very busy polishing off the Mod they had no time to celebrate the game for those who have steadfastly supported 3 years of ups and downs.

If you haven't seen the release notes, take a gander. Turbine developers have treated DDO to a spa treatment of sparklies. Old quests and areas have been touched up, the graphics seem to have been given new life, and we are getting a level cap increase to 20. Thats just a short list ... seriously the release note were under 30 pages when printed out, but just barely. For more details, videos, screenshots and 2 very in depth podcasts, check out DDOcast. I even came out of a semi-retirement on the podcast to weigh in with an opinion. :)

I have been playing more DDO than anything else in the past month. I came to a stand still in Fall out 3. I hope to get back to it, but I must admit I love DDO and am excited to see everything happening with the game.

I am off to spend a few pleasant hours hobbled by paperwork. Maybe I can game later.