When a game is over

I have a bad habit of not finishing games. Obviously, technically speaking, there is no ending in an MMORPG. In a stand alone game, however, you have an ending... well supposedly.

It can be argued the crap tagged onto the last mission in Kotor II was not actually an ending. Even the developers admit it was sorta not what they had planned. I finished the game many moons ago in the wee hours of the morning squinting through the haze of nicotine laden smoke and empty soda cans with disbelief. I also recall throwing a really good mouse across the room at a wall and shattering it. I saw red and couldn't believe the intensely written game story ended with a whimper.

Generally speaking though, there is a storyline arc which you play through in all games. I have a really really bad habit of knowing when the end is near and just stopping short. I close the game and walk away. This is especially true if it is a game I am enjoying the heck out of.

Hubster and I were walking through Best Buy this week and I ran my eye over the ever shrinking PC games section. A couple of titles caught my eye, but I picked up the shiny Bioshock container and read it over, stroked it with my fingers, looked at my husband and then explained in the way only a woman can why I wanted it, but didn't want it.

"I know I have an aversion to shooters. It is long standing. Bioshock is a shooter."
Hubby looked on patiently.

"I know I played doom for all of 30 minutes before scaring myself stupid and turning it off. Bioshock is scary."
He nodded his head at me.

"Everyone loves it, and since I seem to lean towards sleeper game titles and not the OMG Fanboi games, there is no way I will like it."
He sighed at this point.

"It's only 19.99. Will you play if I don't like it?"
At this point he just grabbed the box and walked towards the cash wrap.

We got it home and I took up to my computer. I loaded it about 10:00 at night and thought I would play for an hour and then have to go to bed.

Honestly, I was nervous. Just the letters FPS sends shocks of anxiety running through my system. With a brave face, I pressed New Game prompt and entered the world of Rapture.

5 hours later my ever patient husband came over and kissed my check and said "Baby its 3 am. It's time for bed now."

With tired eyes I looked up at him and went "WHAT???"

You know its a good game when you lose track of time. Bioshock is exceptionally well written, easy for a n00b like me to play, has fun loot, and a wee bit of crafting and fabulous sound.

15 hours or so of gameplay and its over. My love affair with Rapture is done as the last cinematic played. I wanted to cry.

But its done. Bioshock is over. And I am sad.


I loved the big daddies, the little sisters, Andrew Ryan, Atlas and Fontaine. Overall I have to say I may be overcoming my trepidation of shooters. Bioshock was amazing smooth. The controls were intuitive. I want more and there isn't anything. *sniff sniff*

I am glad I finished it. I am just wishing there had been a few hours more of Rapture to explore.

Just an excellent game.

So as usual, I am off to find the next big thing. I may even buy Fallout 3. I hear it rocks. It will be the test of whether or not I am truly over my Shooter phobia.