Static group, DDO and more

It was Static Group night in DDO. Fun times. After 2 years together, I still get excited thinking about what kind of trouble we are going to get into. We did tapestry runs. Our cleric was being held captive in the real world by work, so we picked something we could run relatively easily. Plus we have figured out if we roll for the taps, we can get one person a helm per play session. Works out pretty well.

We've made it to 14. A milestone if you ask me. Also a little bit frightening. We haven't had a mod in so long, the static group is catching up in content. Alarming when I think about it for too long.

Mod 9 had better hurry up. I love DDO, but I am finding other things to do.

I downloaded Mass Effect. It's very very Knights of the Old Republic like. It's fun actually. A change of pace.

I also bought Fallout 3 and my love affair is currently consuming every free moment I can find in my overloaded schedule.

It's very very very Elder Scroll like in the gamestyle. The dialogue options, flow of play and other little things remind me I know how to play the game. It's enough of a shooter to give me sweaty palms when I turn it on, but so far I am holding my own. I can say making the choice between blowing up the Atom bomb in the town and disarming it was more difficult than I thought it would be. I was sorely tempted to make a mushroom cloud and crater out of the place :D

I never did find my copy of Guitar Hero 3. It saddened my, but I dragged the hubster into a gamestop and bought a new one. I brought it home and he watched me play. I guess he had never seen the game before. He laughed at me a lot, blast his eyes.

However, about 2 hours in when my wrists began to complain, I convinced him to give it a go. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He had a blast with it. A new addict is born.

Part of the fun of being married is snapping photos when your partner isn't looking :). I caught a few shots when he was engrossed in a riff or something. Hilarious listening to him cuss over the notes.

People have begun to ask me if I am happily married. I am not sure how to gage that after only 3 months or so. I mean he got me to the altar without too much kicking and screaming and I do smile a lot.

Of course I am also trying to get used to all his stuff, his way of doing things, his grumpiness until he gets coffee in the morning, his pockets always full of something when I do the laundry and he is never going to keep a clean, tidy and organized bed side table... which irks me and makes me giggle at the same time.

Honestly, happy is what you make of it.

The newness has yet to wane, I love slow mornings in bed, watching silly man shows with him and kicking his ass at a game he thinks he knows better than I do... but then he puts up with an entire load of pink laundry, my need for a new nail polish color every paycheck, and my overwhelming urge to straighten every picture and dust compulsively.

I think this means I am happy, right?