It goes

It's been one of those weeks. We all have them every once in a while. Everything seems to be going fine. Then BOOM!!!

I won't go into details... I will say however, I have never been so glad to see the backside of a 7 day week. I woke up this morning with a sense of YOU CAN DO THIS...and so I am.

Busy hands are happy hands. It appears the gods didn't think I was busy enough. They have added to my plate and I keep trying to explain my plate runneth over. I would like to file a complaint with the gods in charge of life challenges. If you have a number for them, please comment on my blog so I may send them my overly long missive on why I simply can't take it anymore :D

I have managed to dabble in games here and there, but no hardcore playtime lately. DDO is still my game of choice... and as I write this the hubby is in the room killing kobolds and orcs OH MY!

I went to go play Guitar Hero last night. I hadn't played it since we moved. I dug in the closet for the guitar and then spent the next hour trying to remember where I had actually unpacked the game disk... It's 24 hours later. I still have no idea LOL

I haven't put some photo's in a while. I have been taking them, but I haven't seemed to get a chance to sit down and actually get a post written. I know I am a slacker... oh well... add it to the list people... and get in line :D

I had a birthday recently. The hubby out did himself with flowers, balloon, cake, a card and gifts...and no holiday is complete around here without a new book :)

A girlfriend and I went out to Mount Trashmore. The water was beautiful and there were a ton of kids flying their kites. Overall just a perfect girl day. I loved it!!!

I think I am going to be ambitious and go put some pork chops on for dinner. I almost have the knack of this cooking thing by now. I still don't find a ton of enjoyment out of it, but I like to eat *shrugs*