Massively mentions DDO and photos...

We've been overly busy lately. Neither of us have been finding much time to game. We thought we were going to spend more time in DDO during the plus one loot weekend, but the couple of times Zeff logged on he got bored really fast.

I keep thinking we are going to hear more news on the mod. Things are maybe in the works. One thing Turbine is known for with DDO is putting out press just before the new content comes out. This article popped up on Massively last night. I stared at the screen in shock for a minute since I NEVER see articles out on the web, but there it was. A short write up, but still satisfying :)

I have been going back to console games again. I have been playing around with Final Fantasy for a few hours and get rid of the gaming itch.

We REALLY need the new Mod to come out.

We have a lot going on around here. It's going to be a long summer and not in a good way, but chin up and all that. I will just deal :D

As an aside, how in the world dos he manage to get his uniform dirty every single time he wears it with mud, grease and assorted crap? Never fails. He walks in the door, I do a visual inspection and then tell him to shuck the darn thing off so I can launder it yet again!

I am still trying to remember to do the pictures. I am fairly sure I am behind or something, but that's alright. I will just keep working on it. I am finding I am getting pickier about a photo, and I am tending to crop things, or light them different. I have never actually enjoyed photo taking, so I am surprised at myself.

Day 6... I made a bunch of peanut butter cookies... most of them went to the ship for the sailors, but I took a pic of the ones I was keeping to eat :D
Day 7... Valentines day goodies :D You can poke the balloon and it will sing to you... he got pink roses and a pink Ipod and a sweet card... think I will keep him!
Day 8... its a pic of one of my cats... this one is for Jess... she keeps bugging me for pics of the kitties LOL

Tonight is static night in DDO. It's one of the last times we will have the whole crew together for a while. I am really looking forward to having the whole gang together and enjoying some misadventure together :)