Podcasts, Gaming Friends and HUH

I love to game.

Everyone knows this. I have been talking a lot to friends I game with about how they handle their interpersonal relationships with their spouses lately.

I hadn't realized how into MY routine I was. How used I was, after living alone for a while, to being me without the need to negotiate and compromise.

I am getting in the routine now. The whining is over. I am getting in a grove. And maybe that is all I needed. Being so adverse to change, I may have thrown myself a curveball with the move, the marriage, the combining of households, becoming a military spouse and the holidays all in a 4 week period of time...One of my good girlfriends pointed out I might want to just take a breath and enjoy what I can.

At first the advice made me defensive. It touched on my own need to be in control. I am finding though that once you give in to being a true team, there are a ton of perks.

And they boil over into the gaming arena.

Since we are both gamers, I have found a sense of ease about the language we speak. We can both log onto the same game and be in the same room and team up together and play together as a duo. We can both be stressed about moving things around in the house and getting things set up the way we want to, and log on for a few hours and blow off some steam. No need to argue or peck at each other... in all reality... I maybe have led him into a fight in a dungeon, let him get killed and then sorta smirked... but I think that all just healthy as heck :)

We loaded up the Playstation 2 and played a few hours of the original Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 1. I am having a blast with it. Besides, there is something so wonderful about lazing about on the couch and gaming... simply delicious.

DDOcast for last week is up and ready to be listened to. It's an awesome show, although I didn't get my segment in.

I am having trouble recording if he is in the house. I hadn't realized how much I like the total silence and privacy as I work my way through what I want a segment to be. It's something I am working thtough.

There is always something you can relearn. Sometimes you think you have it all figured out, but really, you just need to take a breath and enjoy what you have in front of you.

On that profound note ... ahem *cough cough* I think I will go play something...