Late night gaming

It is 2:30 am and I am still awake. After Zeff got home from work, we decided to do some gaming.

We are still at it. I could blame the late night coffee, but to be honest I have no excuse other than we found a good group and are having a blast.

Gaming wise, we seem to be falling into a nice pattern.

Thankfully we work well together in groups. He like to PUG a lot... I DO NOT. I never have cottoned to the idea of PUG's actually. Zeff has an uncanny ability to find good ones. We found a group tonight that it has simply been a joy to run with.

I leveled my character AGAIN and am still playing. Simply the pleasure of having fun people who know the game and enjoy the mechanics of it can revitalize even the most sloggy of quests. Specifically we were running VON's tonight on your midlevel characters. I think in my 2 plus years in DDO, I have run them about 10 million times. Tonight they were challenging and simply fabulous.

Zeff must like his PSP I got him for Christmas. I find it on his bedside table a lot. I think he is secretly playing it when I am not looking. I think it a good system. It's important for him to have a portable system for when he is away from home for extended periods of time. The PSP will let him watch movies I send him, and he can game.

The new DDOcast is out. Episode 99. I can't believe it has almost been 2 years and we are about to record our 100th episode. Amazing.

It's nice to have our life settling into a nice rhythm. I am feeling less stressed and more in control, which for my personality is a nice fit.

I appreciate all the people who have commented on dual gaming households and my fellow gamer gals who have e-mailed or PMed me with recipe ideas and advice.

Marriage is not a cake walk even when you are strongly in love... it takes work and compromise.

I am a gamer... this is not going to change. What does need to change for me is my sphere of understanding. I am not a lone gamer anymore.

Besides, I love him more than I love gaming...

Game on!!!