Know your role


Ahhhh a New Year... I love clean slates. I have a few things I want to do this year. Most of it is personal, but mostly I want to enjoy trying to figure out this new life I have set up for myself.

I have been playing DDO pretty exclusively. The hubby has a few goals he wants to accomplish gaming wise this year, and since he is like permanently attached it seems, I am doing nothing but playing DDO.

I would like to find a little time for LOTRO. I found a bunch of DDO friends who play and am chomping at the bit to go play with them.

I also have been bad about playing AOC. I sort of miss it, but sorta don't. Mostly I had pretty much capped in the game and it was becoming a HUGE grind. I miss it though. And feel like I need to go back for a visit to Hyboria.

I recorded the Year in Review with the DDOcast crew. It's been fun to think about all the changes that have come and gone in my game of choice. Here is hoping that there are big things coming to the game.

Ohhh before I forget. Lessah made this awesome video I want to include here.

How much fun was that? I giggled myself stupid over the monster AI.

Anyways... just popping in to say hi and that I am loving married life.