Hmmmm Console Games rock

I am enjoying the New Year so far.

Being married means I have to pretend to be domestic. Do not be fooled. I am seriously NOT domestic. I don't think in terms of dinner needs to be made, laundry done, things dusted, a vaccum run over the carpet, floors mopped, finances gone through and uniforms in order for the work week.

I think in terms of avoiding all of that and getting in some game time.

We came up to game tonight when it dawned on me one of us would have to make dinner out of the meat I had pulled out of the freezer. Since dinner had been my idea, I voted myself to go down. I did however feel pouty about it since he stayed upstairs and gamed and smelled food but didn't comment nor join in the cooking hell I was making downstairs.

It's odd actually. Being a two gamer household means one person at a time is being responsible about things so the other person can game.

I am not complaining per se. It does however take some adjusting to. I lived alone for a year and while I didn't cook actual meals, I did survive on take out and microwave lean cuisines.

Marriage means having to compromise on who does what when. Who games when and what game we play annoys me. I liked my freedom to make a decision when I wanted to.

This too shall pass and I am chalking it up to marriage adjustments. There will be many.

I am curious however as to how other couples balance it?

We did play with the playstation last night. It was fun to sit on the couch with my wireless controller and kill things. Plus it was just he and I. Thats a nice thing.

Anyways I am off to game... well I think I am... my blackberry software is updating and its a pain in the rearend.

Game on!!!