Gaming crazy

We recently joined a Pen and Paper Dungeon's and Dragon's group.

It's been a few years since I have rolled a character and re-read the books.

Our first campaign meeting reminded me of nerd love. We met at a local bookstore. I walked in to a see a bunch of people standing around, trying to look at ease while they cast quick darting gazes around the store and pulled their hands in and out of their pockets. Gamers can be a little anti social and watching a group of strangers mill around a comic store was kinda funny.

Our second meeting was at our DM's home. We all arrived. Backpacks were unpacked with players guides, monster manuals, and the like. Pencils littered the coffee table and character sheets were filled out and debated for 2 and a half hours.

We start adventuring this week and I find myself remembering all the things that started me down the road to being a gamer girl.

I found PnP DnD in high school. Bought a few books, had some dice, but it always seemed like the guys were always wondering which one of them were going to get a date with me than my getting to enjoy a campaign.

It's a feeling that has persisted over the course of MMORPG's. Early days of MMO's didn't involve voice chat. I often didn't admit I was a girl. I just was another of the guys and while I felt a little weird in some of the guy conversations, I enjoyed not having to defend my gaming cred.

I know I make it sound all bad. It wasn't.

But with another DnD campaign and a new set of gamers, I just get that old feeling.

This time I am the wife.

*le sigh*

It didn't matter that I had my character rolled, or that I have my own dice and I am wearing a gaming t-shirt and seem to know the rules when its asked of me.

They all stared at me like isn't it sweet she wants to come play with him.

It annoys me.

Actually I am not being honest. It angers the bloody heck out of me.

I've been pulling out the manuals and re reading. Research. Every gamer does it. I am just not sure every gamer feels like he has to have the right answer or he will get a patronizing pat on the head.

I always enjoy playing. I eventually win them over. It's simply frustrating to have the wrong parts to get the respect the men seem to naturally give each other from the onset of a first meeting.

What I am finding rather humorous about this campaign is my hubby is there as a buffer. He is deployed this year and won't be around. He is coming for a little while because he enjoys it, but also because he wanted to make sure I felt comfy with everyone before he leaves so I will keep gaming.

In other words, they aren't getting him as a Player Character for long...they are stuck with me. I am not sure that had sunk in for anyone.


Ok, I get mad about this one. I can't help it.

Oh well, *thumbs through a book on faerun* back to studying...