First Person Shooters

I have never liked a First Person Shooter much. I have tried. Repeatedly.

I also don't do scary well. Perhaps the fact that I chose to begin my foray into shooters with Doom right after the movie came out was a bad idea. I remember how excited I was. I ran home, ripped open the plastic on the box, loaded it up, turned up my speakers and turned out the lights...

I played for about an hour before I began to out psych myself. Firstly, the controls were unnatural to me since I was in a first person view game instead of the more overall third person view. I was prepared to learn how to play the game though so I could see all the cool stuff I had read about.

Secondly Doom was a dark game, made more creepy by the excellent sound effects. You would be in a completely black setting and then something would jump out at you with some heart stopping sound to accompany the shock.

I think I slept with the lights on that night. LOL

I had made peace with the fact this was simply a style of play I was never going to cotton to until the hubby unpacked his console games.

To my dismay there were a TON of shooters.

Undaunted I had him explain which series he liked and why and such. About half an hour into this conversation I admitted my failing. I am a gamer. I just don't like shooters.

He kissed my forehead and said if I wanted to try I could but don't worry about it.

I mean, I guess its no big deal. You don't play a shooter with people generally.

I love Halo... I guess it has shooter stuff in it, but I don't think its called a shooter is it?

I like Star Wars Battlefront and I can play that with him.

I just don't like feeling like I failed at it is all. How odd is that?

He pulled out one of his Medal of Honor games and he says if I would like to try to learn a FPS again, this might be the game to start with. I am resigned. I almost feel like its a homework assignment. It's not that he is making me. It's that HE likes them and I want to understand it better.

Besides. I don't want to go to the game store to buy one for him and look like the lost wife. It galls me to no end.

Anyways. Anyone have any tips on FPS's?

I have been meaning to put this video up for everyone. This guy Kalanth got a mention of the DDOcast last week as well and Jerry has it linked on DDOcast. Excellent Vid. I still think Turbine should hire this guy on their promotion team.

I am off to eat the steaks my fabulous hubby has made for dinner. Then maybe an adult beverage and some DDO.