Tombs and fun?

My static group and I went out to run some more of the Tombs quests last night.

I have never expressed great love for the Necropolis series. It is not one of my favs. Some of the quests are brilliant in a conceptual way, but running them is a slog.

Last night we ran Tomb of the Tormented first. I don't think I had ever had the pleasure of running it. There are a series of gates and a mesh maze beneath your feet. You defeat zombies then pick up their "meat" and drop it through holes to make a rat step on a pressure plate to open the series of gates.

It is rather frustrating in truth. Our little band tried to finish it the first time through, but we had been a little non conservative with our spell points. We deceided to give it another go.

It was tough. Our merry troop soon found tempers frayed and equipment degrading. We finished, but just. The ranger had to recall because his sword snapped. Our cleric ran out of wands.

Perhaps the most entertaining part of the evening was listening to Zeff call out how he needed "Meat" and yelling out "You flippin rat get in the hole"

Next came the disease Tomb. I can't recall the name of it right now.

All I can say is it might not have been wise to attempt it after all of us being so on edge and grumpy after the Tormented debacle.

We wiped many times. There was yelling. We never yell. We didn't yell at each other as much as we yelled at the screen.

We did finish, but I think we were all so exhausted we weren't jubilant at having bested the hordes of undead.

I love my group and last night we put ourselves through the ringer. We have made lvl 12... ok the rogue has made lvl 13 but we won't let her take it :) Quests are getting tougher and tougher since we don't have a single piece of uber gear. On normal they kick our rears.

But I love them all. And I look forward every week to getting to go adventuring with them.

Tropical Storm Hannah is set to dump some rain up my way this weekend. Verizon still insists there is nothing wrong with my DSL. Ok. Fine. Then why is it every time it rains I have NO Internet for HOURS?

I do not see much play time in my future this weekend. :(

Zeff is a sweetheart. I had a down few days and was feeling off kilter. About 3 or so my time this afternoon, a delivery man showed up.

Yes they are pink. The man knows how to bring a smile to my face :D

I finished Streams of Silver. OMG OMG OMG I have the next book in my bag and I am hoping to start on it the second I get out the door today. Holy moly. I HAVE to know what happens.

I also have a confession to make. Some of my girlfriends have been talking about the "Twlight" teen vampire series. I was feeling left out of the conversation. While I was in walmart this weekend, I saw the first book in the series sitting on the shelf and thought "Oh ok... go ahead buy it." I was enbarrassed. It's teen fiction. Not adult fiction.

I cracked the book open over the weekend feeling like I was back in college with a homework assignment I needed to finish. I looked up an hour later to realize I was on page 188 and I was enjoying the story, much to my own chagrin.

I ended up buying the rest of the books in the series from borders. They should arrive on my doorstep any day now.

So without too much fussing I will tell you I get the buzz. The story in the first book is solid.

I am still kinda icky on reading teen fiction, but thats what they make book covers for LOL

I am off for home. Everyone stay dry and safe!