Love a good adventure

I finally got in some gaming time this weekend.

I had to examine why I hadn't been gaming.

There were several reasons really when I took down some notes.

I have had a real life. This is perhaps the most important thing. I spent the last year or so in flux. Trying to get things sorted in my personal life. Dating still sucks. It is never going to be fun. I am sooooo very glad to be done with it at last. I would hide in my gaming so I didn't have to get out and live. I don't do that anymore.

I had nothing I looked forward to playing. I found this one the hardest to admit to myself. I love to game. I love the sounds, the animations, the complex character building and crafting. I love the people I game with.

I tried Age of Conan. I still have my account, but I haven't logged onto it in a month or more. If Zeff says lets go play AoC, I will go. I am curious to see how things have changed, but I am not sure I want to really play it. There was only so much I could take of being an errand girl. That and the bugs were driving me nutty.

DDO, my addiction, has been slow. Some of my friends had left to try other things. It's the normal summer routine of people getting out and doing real life stuff and not sitting at the keyboard. There hasn't been anything new I was super interested in going and doing in Stormreach. The crafting mechanic in the game I was initially excited about has turned out to be a dud of a grindfest. *shrugs*

But, Zeff has been whining about playing more. I kinda dragged my feet on it. This weekend though I was determined to play with a modicum of graceful acceptance.

I had a blast. I ended up playing until 4 am Saturday night with the old raiding crew I love and adore. I am getting to know the people in Zeff's guild more. I even pugged. :)

Any which way I slice it, Zeff is good at making me go out and do stuff. LOL

And this also means I will be back to podcasting. I hadn't been playing, so I felt bad trying to do a podcast segment. Gencon started a fire and I am ready to let it burn the airwaves. Prepare a flamesuit for this weeks segment.

I am off to pretend to work I think.

Oh, I finished the Crystal Shard. I have moved on to Streams of Silver. Will they find the Mithral Hall? *ponders*