Its only Monday

I am finding my life is marked by doing complicated time calculations...

What time is it where he is (add whatever time zone he is in the world) ???

Wait... he said something like he would be home to talk at...oh christ there were a bunch of numbers...ummm I think 18:00 is like ummm 6pm?

Recalculate to make military time civilian time plus the time difference... and you get?

My brain exploding?

It sounds convoluted and when I am tired, I get the time wrong but honestly its not as bad as I make it out to be...

I am also aware of the counting of days since I keep trying to figure out which date we are slotted for him coming back stateside...I then try and figure out the time difference so I can make it minus a day or plus a day considering where he I can figure out when we are actually moving. I have kinda been packing, but I am still working. I know I will need to let my boss know something kinda soonish if we get one date. *shrugs*

Basically I live in a warped limbo...

I am learning all kinds of new things since falling in love with a sailor.

I write letters...A lot of letters... he seems to like getting something in the mail besides bills.

Hallmark is making a ton of money off of me between stationary, cards, envelope seals and little organizers to keep all my letter writing organized.

I write e-mails...a lot of e-mails... wordy missives filled with little substance but the nattering of my thoughts when I have all of a morning, afternoon or evening looming in front of me while he is in bed asleep.

I leave my IM on almost 24/7 now in case he has a chance to log on and say hello.

We are both gamers... and we can't seem to find the time to GAME!!!

It frustrates me actually. I miss spending a few hours blowing off steam blasting away at little kobolds and nuking orcs into smithereens.

I haven't been podcasting lately either. I need to revamp my show a bit and haven't hit upon the right idea. Thoughts are swirling and hopefully something will come up.

I mailed off some packages on Saturday to my beloved. I was unaware I needed to fill out a forms and then answer 20 questions before sending him stuff. It was illuminating.

I need to try and figure out how to squeeze my new stuff around my old stuff because I miss my gaming friends. I miss playing. I miss not thinking about time changes, letters, e-mails, how many more days until he gets home, moving, weddings, and so on and so forth.

Basically, yes I am ranting a little bit.

I love my life, but it feels a little like a spinning top and out of my control. I have done fabulously well with all the changes I think. I just need a few reminders of my old life and gaming is one part of me that is never going to go away.

There are a zillion things my guy does to open up the world to me. He has quietly gotten me to spread my wings a little further and invite new friends into my world. I just don't want to forget my old ones.

Am I making sense at all?

Totally off topic...

STO is on the cover of this months Game informer.

Isn't it pretty?

I still have my Age of Conan account and I updated it the other day with all the patches. I still haven't played the game in months.

DDO gets played at least once a week with my static group. They are my saving grace. At least once a week I sit down with friends and enjoy some time. BY now we all know each others families. We've been playing about 19 months once a week steadily. We are still not capped out :) There is still a ton of content left for us to be slaughtered by...I mean for us to slaughter!


Life is complicated. I need like an extra 20 hours in my week to make room for everyone. I just hope I am carving out enough time for the one person who matters most.

I still haven't finished reading the Halfling's Gem. I can't seem to sit down and read. Every second seems consumed with other things these days.

Anyways, if the boss stays gone I might actually get that one finished. And if I get home in time I may even game... who knows...

Wait... I have laundry

/le sigh

Someone lend me an extra set of arms and some spare time?