It's one of those days when you kinda want a button to push for a do over.

My office is heavy with the scent of paint fumes. I have no idea who painted in our building, but they must have done it overnight and the stench is enough to kill more brain cells than I have to lose!

So I am sitting here wondering what in the world to do with my day and wondering if I am going to accomplish the mountain of problem solving I need to get done.

Problem solving has been on my mind a lot.

I have been trying to hang on to my love for DDO. It's been a struggle. I came back from Gencon brimming with energy and bubbling enthusiasm. Then we had the live event debacle. Most of my joy leaked out as quick as a balloon with a pin hole.

I remain deflated.

Age of Conan has yet to tempt me back. I know they had a huge PVP patch and I have heard from guild mates that it has gone well. I recently updated the game...I just can't seem to press the trigger to play.

There is a dearth of fun lately. I think that's whats got me in a gaming slump. I log in and gather up my friends and we run raids. And we run raids. And we run raids.

We can do most of them with our eyes closed, we can short man the raids, we can bring eclectic class choices to liven up the danger and we still win.

I started a new sorcerer recently. I play her when my guy has a chance to log on. He has a wizard he is leveling. She is fun. And it is a good time to go back through the content again.

It's just I have no surprise or WOW factor. It's all become terribly predictable.

Now friends are never predictable really. And I adore all of the gamer buddy's I have made in DDO. We have played together a couple of years now. We know each others habits.

And we are all BORED!!!

New content is coming with Module 8. I am hoping it drops soonish because the long summer has ended and we approach the time when people stay indoors and battle the winter blahs with gaming.

DDO is an awesome game and I don't picture myself ever leaving it permanently until they shut down the servers.

I loved meeting the team working on my game at Gencon and seeing the twinkle in their eyes as they hinted at things to come.

And their are supposedly some really AWESOME things coming.

So, ok. I have people bailing on the game left and right again. Friends will leave for a couple of months and go do something else while they wait on the Turbine team to put some great content in the game.

I will simply have to go play something else and dabble in DDO until the next big patch hits.

Or who knows...maybe I will actually PACK MY HOUSE!!! Or read a book... or pick a blasted wedding dress???

Real life is fun and all but I sure would like to hide out in a pixelated world for a few hours and shrug off all the thinking :)