Crack berry

Ok, its happened...

I have finally fallen so low as to own a blackberry! (ok secretly I have been coveting a pink one for years)

It consumes my life. I can do pretty much everything I want on it.

I have my all my social apps like facebook, myspace and twitter. I have been told I can blog from there, but I haven't been brave enough to try it yet. I have all my IM service's (yahoo, aol, gtalk and msn) hooked into it through this handy little app called Jivetalk. I get my e-mail on it. I have all my music on it. I take quick photos on it. I can listen to my audible books on it.

Oh... and oh yeah... I can talk on the phone LOL

It's seriously a sweet little machine and quite frankly I can't remember how I ever lived with out it?

Of course... being so technically saavy *rolls her eyes* I decided I needed a way to sync all my contacts into it...

Ummm have I mentioned I think Microsoft is the bane of my existence? So ummm.. yeah. I was supposed to do this the easy way by using microsoft outlook express. Of course, I didn't do it the easy way.

I installed thunderbird on my computer. YAY it worked the first time out of the gate... now the gmail syncing is a little flaky as I type this, but generally thunderbird is AWESOME. It brings in my yahoo, aol and gmail. Sweetness.

Here is the hitch in my giddy up.

Thunderbird does not sync with the blackberry :( *groans*

So off I went to goggle again.

I have used Plaxo (which was recently gobbled up by the evil of comcast) for a really long time to keep my contacts up to date on the web. So often someone will shoot me an address while I am at work, and I just want to get it saved quickly and have access to it later.

So I had plaxo. I had thunderbird... hmmm ok.

Well those two can sync up so thats nice... except I still haven't gotten my contacts on my phone.


So It seems plaxo can also sync with the evil that is outlook express...

Yes ladies and gentleman... I succumbed to the peer pressure and just said screw it. Currently my pink little machine is talking to my pink computer and deciding how it likes syncing...

And I am tired... a wee bit more bald than I was 3 hours ago and staring at the three empty wine cooler bottles on my desk :)

Once again technology tried to best me... but I won...I think... maybe?


Moving on.

Things are busy here. Still trying to sort out moving and wedding and well stuff.

My family is ok in Houston for which I am extremely blessed. Hurricanes are not wimpy these days and this one left a swirling mess of destruction as it cut a swath through my hometown.

Zeff is still in Italy, but doing well generally speaking. I am still mad as a hatter for him.

I haven't been gaming, blogging, twittering or anything much else of substance lately. I am hoping to get a little bit more organized and make my life a whole lot less stressful. I need to remember to have down time as well as busy time.

I am addicted to watching Army Wives...

I am still reading the halfings gem. I left it sitting on my desk this morning and was furious when I went to dig it out of my bag on the train and my hand hit the empty space where it should have been.

The weather is turning colder and I am loving the changing leaves, the brisk wind and getting too wear clothes that I haven't seen since spring.

Stay warm and GAME ON!!!