I am ALIVE!!!

Hello world...

I know I know I know... I have been away almost a month *begs forgiveness*

Life has been mega busy as of late.

So what have I been up to the last month? Well were do I start?


I got engaged a couple of weeks ago to to a fabulous man. I am so excited I could pop. I might have cried when he asked me. It was beautiful. I still stare at my ring ALL the time. I shine it in the light, I wiggle my fingers so the light can cast a prism off the diamond and I show it to anyone who will slow down long enough to let me.

I am marrying a Navy man. Considering that I am a control freak, I find the gods sense of humor quite ironic.

ATM I am deep in deciding when to get married. Normally its complicated, but mix in the Navy and it becomes impossible to figure out.

Currently he is stationed overseas, but he will be back here soonish. How soon? I have no idea...it's still being "worked out". And when he gets here he is turning right back around on a well whatever they call it he will be gone a while.

I figured this was no big deal. We'd get married next summer and I would have time to figure it all out and plan.

Somehow though, the Navy considers me nonexistent until I have a license in my hand.

So do I go to the Justice of the Peace and have his name before he ships out so I have access to info about him while he is away, access to the base to meet his ship when he comes home, access to a million other things he has a list for that he thinks I will need while he is gone???

And then what? I have a real wedding next summer maybe or there after depending on what the Navy does with him?

I am also moving. I have to find a new job. I have paperwork to get in order.

I have to find a wedding dress, rings, shoes...


Alright, its not all that bad, but for a woman who hates change, I sure have put myself in the spin cycle.

We took a vacation together this August and hit up New York sights, Philadelphia sights and gamed a lot. We had a blast. I am including a few touristy photos below. I know everyone hates to endure someone else's vacation photos, so just a couple of shots I swear!

We played Axis and Allies and I won. I wanted proof of my winnings so I could rub it in for the next 70 or so years :)

Statue of Liberty. Isn't she pretty?

Times Square New York at night. OMG the people.
This is the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.
This is a rare printing of the Constitution of th United States.
This is Independence Hall in Philadelphia. The United States Constitution was debated and then signed here.
This is the Battleship New Jersey. I know he spend a lot of time on ships, but I haven't and I wanted to see one through his eyes. We had a blast, but I was bruised and sore from knocking into things )

I could write about my vacation and how excited I am and nervous and on edge for days... but I promise I will actually blog about my adventures at Gencon and gaming. Honest :)