Gencon 2008

I finally made it to Gencon this year.

I had hoped to go last year but it didn't work out... this year I was determined...

The Giant 20 sided Dice

This is the Giant d20 that greets you in the main exhibit hall. I had always seen pictures of it from other people, but it sure was nice to see it myself. And its BIG.

I hadn't pre-planned going this year, and since I didn't get in to Indianapolis until the wee hours of the morning on Friday, I set off early to the convention center on Saturday to get my badge. It was cheaper for me to buy a four day then to buy just a Saturday and a Sunday, and since I had gotten up early there was no line.

Badge in hand, I started wandering the convention center to look around. The main exhibit halls didn't open up until 10 am and it was 8:30... plenty of time to wander and get the lay of the land.

Storm troopers
I found these two Storm Troopers wandering around and couldn't resist snapping a picture.

My first impressions of Gencon was...BIG, WEIRD PEOPLE, TONS OF GEEKS!

By the time the exhibit halls opened I had things kinda figured out. I had called my friends and we were to meet at 12 to shop and game and such. I had a few hours to wander around the mail shopping room. I got in there and headed straight for the DDO booth.

It was beautiful. I didn't take pics since Jerry over at ddocast had already put up some great pics. I got to meet the team.

Tolero is fabulous...I already knew this but hey I have to give her props.

Eldorudo is pretty fab too... even if he has a goth thing going at the moment... and his hair... actually he is well... ladies... you can all begin sending him e-mails because he is a cutie.

Kate was there got to talk with her a bit. I was glad to meet her in person. She gets such a bad wrap. Let me too you. She loves this game and knows a lot about it, the players and the direction of the game.

Jim the marketing guy was there. I liked him and I will not share here all we talked about, but this game is going places.

There was another press guy there. I didn't care for him to be honest. He struck me as maybe someone who just isn't into players... not sure, but he was well... cold. I didn't see a man who loved DDO I saw a suit forced on a convention floor. *shrugs* I am hoping I am incorrect and he is imply not a people person. I hate to think of someone sharing this fabulous game with the press who is a cold fish. He could also simply have been tired.

I walked around after gathering up a couple of T-shirts from the DDO booth (and having spent several hours chatting with everyone) and trying out the new content they had up on the fantastic computers they had out there. And as an aside there were gobs of people all over this booth. Trail cards were flying into their hot little paws and I was super excited. The energy was high.

I found a dealer of dice... Ahem. Uh oh. I checked my wallet and came up with a budget. $100 dollars was my limit on dice. I have a dice problem. I love them. And none of the local stores carry pink ones. I ummm maybe went a little overboard with 6 sided dice but I had fun.
Pink Dice
Evidence of my dice habit.

I met up with my friends and we went to lunch in town at the Ram. Good food, micro brewed beer and the table behind up was filled with Storm Troopers. LOL Only at gencon.

We wandered around the exhibit hall floor and shopped a little more. I had the DDO podcast recording at three. I got lost. Thankfully Jerry and my friend Jess held my hand and got me to where I needed to be.

Kate, Tolero and Rowan
Tolero, Jerry and Kate
Podcast Crew and Devs

The pictures above are from the podcast taping. I FINALLY got to meet Silthe who maybe my fav person over at DDO besides Tolero. He knows a TON about this game and others and has an infectious energy you can't resist.

Alright... more stuff about gencon later...right now I am in the middle of Tiny Adventures over on facebook and my lvl 1 Tiefling is getting her butt handed to her...LOL

Oh and my FIANCEE and I (yes I can say that) are playing this facebook dnd campaign together. How much fun is that? I am marrying a gamer. Love rocks. GAME ON!