Video Wednesday

Well I am totally covered in files and such here at the office. Plus the boss won't leave, so I will post some fun videos for ya'll to enjoy!

Oh and tonight is static night... I know I know for last year and 7 months it has been on Tuesday's, but our machine gunner rogue has night classes... *rolls her eyes*... its cuz she's so intelligent!

So I will be killing in DDO tonight, although I will be minus Zeff who is off doing things of a military kind... and he is missed.

Onto the video extravaganza!

You all know that the 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons is being rolled out. There is a ton of stuff about it, but below are a couple of videos that had me giggling.


Funny right?

Lessah of DDO fame has a new video on permadeath!

*rubs her hands with glee*

Now onto my personal Favorite...

The new Hellboy movie is coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check this out... and yes... he names his gun what? Big Baby... SWEET!

Now I have to go back and dig in some more files. Pray for me!

Game on!