TNT Raids and WINS!

Last night my static group got it in their head to run Tempest Spine. There is only the 5 of us, and I was not sure we could accomplish this, but we went anyways...

Our machine gunner rogue, Battle Cleric, Fighter, TWF Ranger and myself the badly built sorc went out to House J, bound in the tavern because we were fairly sure there would be a death or two, then ran up and took the quest.

We took it slow. None of us have uber weapons, few of us even have plus 4 stat items at level 11 and we don't have access to heal scrolls or raise dead scrolls. We have to be careful.

We did fabulously.

I was leading us. Terrifying thought right? Rowan knowing the way is just wrong... LOL

We had the intel to pop the runes we needed to. Our rogue is built for repeaters and traps , but she is only level 11 and she doesn't have a super intel score.

We fought on getting to the Fire and Ice part. Here we had a little trouble. I have seen groups of twelve have trouble here when they are running this for experience and are at the level of the raid... Many many deaths later we managed to get everyone in one spot, plus kill the two reavers... *phew*

With our equipment beginning to deteriorate we pressed on... killed some clay golems, swam down and went after the beholder... and we won... mind you most of us were dead, but our fighter managed to pull it off... which, being Zeff, he totally reminded me about :)

We ran on with our healing potion pools shrinking and some now broken equipment.

I PKed the other beholder (yay me) and ran them down across the bridge.

Here we had our first party wipe. Apparently none of us could roll to save our lives against a slay living casting drow. ROFL. I got 3 of us to rez out and we ran back. Not too bad.

We got all the way through to the end with few other issues. I, by now, was 4 beers in and laughing.

I forget how hard this game is when you don't have all the major plus 5 weapons, or the uber stat items or raid loot and maxed ability scores from having eaten 6 tomes.

We buffed for the end fight. And we almost all got thrown off to our death below, since we all took off our feather fall :D Our ranger managed to die on the platform with the big baddie so we left him up there to stare the meany down while we all made the run back.

And I scorching rayed the little jerk to death on re-entry.


I realize its not a huge accomplishment to some but for our crew it was MAJOR! We were tired, our gear smashed to smithereens, our potions gone and our wands depleted, but by gods we had done it.


This is why I love DnD.

In other news, I found this great article today thanks to Massively. Totally hilarious in some ways and offensive in others as a guy writing for PC Gamer magazine goes out to try and find online love in an MMO. You can read it here.

There is an online story arc going on over at the DDOcast website. This is a fun read and I can't wait to see where this is going to go. Check it out!

Well thats it for me guys, I am off to dig through a box of candles my guy sent to me. My office smells soooooo good right now between the candles and the flowers :) *girlish sigh*