I got to play some AoC for a few hours last night. My guy and I decided to play our higher ups and we had fun playing characters we hadn't gotten to concentrate on in a while.

I leveled Rowanheal the Priestess to 43. YAY. She is by far my favorite Age of Conan character. She nukes, she hits, she heals. Course, since I am playing her, she dies fantastically as well.

I seem to have a little zerg in my bones. I can't help myself. I think it drives Zeff bonkers. I can hear him over my head set going "Hunny I would come help you but you ran off... where did you go?" Mind you, this is in response to me running off wily nily and then screaming over the headset and making his ears bleed.

Good thing he likes me! LMAO

Overall my PoM made me remember why I love the game.

I am still having one issue with it though. Every time I go into a "bound" zone, an instance that even though I am grouped only I can enter, my connection to the game goes from green to yellow and the lag is horrible. It makes me abandon those quests because I just can't run a caster like that. She is too squishy. I am getting hit in real time and in my lag time I am still at full health. When you don't have a ton of hitpoints to start with and you are wearing a robe, you die quick.

But mostly I just love her.

In other news, I have actually already been working on my podcast for this week. I know, shocking isn't it.

Ohhhh and today is Forgotten Tales Day!

Here is your comic... wait don't pass out, I know... I am even posting it on time :D

I shall take this new found energetic initiative I have and go pack my things early so I can get home. I feel the need to kill things. Tonight my friend Akla is leaving DDO, so I will be in game saying my goodbyes. I will miss him. A lot. He always made good sense, was fun to play with and he possesses a sharp wit.

Have a great weekend and be safe *waves*