I played some Aoc tonight. I almost made my level YAY! Zeff will be happy LOL

But the lag monster kept eating me.

I thought I would torture myself with another Villa quest. What was I thinking?

I tried several different ones. All with the same result. Lag. Lag. Lag.

Frustrating to say the least.

I think I am going to just play AoC with others. I die to much with the lag monster eating me all the time.

On another note... did anyone else catch the announcement out of E3 that EA and Bioware are making a Knights of the Old Republic with MMO leanings? Thats right people. You read right. W00t.

I adored Kotor 1 and 2. I finished both of them. Of course the ending of Kotor 2 left something to be desired. I think I recall throwing my mouse against the wall and shattering it. I was a little PO'ed at the time. :D

I hope they do a good job. This is just one more game to add to my list and to keep on the radar for down the road.

I played an hour with my static group last night in DDO. I ran a little late to group. EEEKKKK

We ran some fun favor in the harbor since we were missing Zeff. Our cleric seemed to enjoy nuking everything in sight. Blade barriers abounded, destruction and slay living were eating his spell point pool and I think he may even have a led a kill count or two :)

And I have news...




I can go this year. I am very excited and ready to show the boy geeks that girl gamers really do rule :)

I am off to try and sleep. It's so bleeding hot here on the East Coast right now. Bleh. I am wishing for fall and we haven't even coasted through August yet.

Game on!