Icky Tuesdays

It's that day of the week again... you know the one I am talking about... yuppers... TUESDAY! Ewwwww

I have been gaming a little bit more lately.

I loaded up an oldy but goody this weekend. With the announcement of Diablo 3 from Blizzard, I felt obligated to play through Diablo 2 again. Of course, I didn't have all my disks... so off I went to my local store and picked up the Battle Chest.

Came home, loaded it up and got my guy to do the same. It took a little while for me to remember how to use battlenet...but we got in game and spent 5 or so hours killing and looting.

I had forgotten about the joy in that game. It's easy to play, user friendly, intuitive, the loot table is fair, you can customize your armor and weapons with add ons you loot, and the quests are fun.

I had a blast and so did Zeff. I am hoping to find some more time soon to visit Deckard Cain and listen to his craggy old voice tell me a tale which will lead to my impending death. :)

I also have found some time for both DDO and AoC. I normally can't play more than one game really well at a time, but the two are so dissimilar I am not having much of an issue with it.

My bear shammy in AoC is still too low a level to really be useful. I hear they get better at 20. I have been leveling awfully slow though. I seem to spend more time lost lately than actually completing my quests. Zeff is good about keeping me on task though. Knew there was a reason I liked having him around.

No static group tonight since we have gone to Wednesday's. It feels weird to not be seeing my friends tonight. I will have to go home and play some AoC and make up for it with different friends. I have crazy ones in AoC...

The new Forgotten Tales went up on Friday. Yes Yes Yes I know I am a slacker of great proportions, but here you go.

Also, I did my segment for the podcast last weekend. It was a relationship segment... you can listen here.

Things are going well here. I am looking forward to some vacation time in August. The heat is barely tolerable, but then I always whine about the weather. The house is too quiet sometimes. I miss people occasionally, not often mind you, but sometimes I like the noise of someone else's puttering echoing off the walls.

I am off to wrap some things up on my desk and then head for home. Game on!