It's another Tuesday. I have little to say today as I am cranky.

Have you guys seen this Dr. Horrible Trilogy? Super fun. It's from the mind of Joss Whedon. He came up with this during the writers strike and got some fabulous people to help him put together this fun idea while everyone was off picketing. Download it on ITunes. I have included this link below for you to watch a teaser trailer. It's quirky, so if you aren't into that I apologize :D

Also, I have been meaning to post about the 3rd installment of the DDO fanfic going on over at DDOcast. Please check it out. Also, Adan has set up a myspace. You can find it here.

I didn't game last night. By the time I got home I was wiped and actually watched a little TV, talked to my guy and sacked out.

So many wonderful things are going on in the gaming world... news out of E3 was encouraging, Gencon is coming up for me YAY, and then there is all the yumminess in AoC and DDO...

I hear there will be snow in DDO in the summer update that we have no timetable for.

The test server for AoC is getting the new patches in a nice flowing schedule.

So, short and sweet today. I am off to pretend to work... :D