Bear shamans OH MY

You will notice a new badge on my page today...

Age of Conan's Stratics site launched over the July 4th holiday weekend.

I have always loved stratics.

When I played Everquest, my first MMO experience, I used stratics religiously. Fabulous site full of quest answers, class build sections, gear updates, crafting news... it was always a one stop shop for staying in the know for my then favorite game.

The one for Age of Conan is awfully new. They are looking for staff writers, people to do updates for them, participation from the player base in general. So if you are interested, here is a chance to get in on the ground floor of something pretty fun.

I spent a few hours in AoC last night. My guild has been shrinking. I am not the only one to notice this. It's happening game wide as people play through their first 30 days for free and then make the decision not to pay to play.

The list of wants and dislike is endless. A lot of it is bug fixes that are needed, lack of end game content, and sometimes we have to admit to ourselves that something we thought was going to be great is not so much!

I have backed off a ton in my online game time. Part of this is the new guy in my life who is, thank the gods, a gamer himself. Honestly though, AoC needed a breather. I needed to remember why it was fun to play it. Once the new shiny had worn off, I got tired of the bugs.

I still have to restart my game at least once or twice a game session because a quest dialog is broken, or the lag boots my whole party from the game...thankfully we use teamspeak and can coordinate whats happening to whom when, but then when you log back in, often you are bugged. I experience not being a member of my guild, even though I am an officer, and not being able to party with my friends. It's as if I got stuck somewhere out there in la la land, and I can't get back.

To fix this generally I completely log out of the game and have my team mates tell me when I drop off the grid. Sometimes it's as fast as 7 to 8 minutes... sometimes my character will be stuck for over an hour and even logging in another one doesn't fix the issue.

All of this aside though, AoC is a solid game. The developers are working very very hard to help with bugs and fixes and being communicative...I appreciate communication.

I still love the game, I just think I am not going to be playing it 40 hours a week...maybe 20 or so when Zeff is off playing Navy.

Speaking of Zeff, a huge thank you for the Pink flowers... the man is a charmer...they showed up at my office for no other reason than he wanted me to smile. Now how is a girl supposed to resist that I ask?

But back on topic, I played my bear shammy, who is named Rowanpaw (weak huh), last night and finally got over the hump. She hit 15 and I had enough feat points to get the new feat I wanted for 2 handed weapon DPS... suddenly she was a killing machine. I was flabbergasted by the difference. Shocked really! She had been a burden up until level 15 and I was seriously contemplating deleting her...

And, if I were frank, her lack of ability at low levels is partially why I have been so cranky about the game lately!

So YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! This character just might stick around for a little while longer :)

Tonight is static group night in DDO. We will have all 5 of us together. We all have some crazy schedules this summer, so I am enjoying having everyone in one place while I can.

Alright, I am off to look over this report for the dreaded audit one more time... and stick my nose in my pretty flowers :D

Have a good one and Game On!