AoC deaths

I decided to play some AoC tonight...

Zeff is off playing Navy and kinda commanded me to get another level on my PoM before he got home this weekend... grrr

So, I am lvl 43. I still had the Villa quests out in the noble district. I figure, well they are solo quests... I can go do those.


First there is the lag issue with those instanced zones for me.

I decided to do the one where I kill the Chef. No problem. He is a cook. He will have knives. Big whoop.

I died about 4 times going through it. A guard would trip me, I would lag...and then I would be dead... fun! (ok not really)

Finally I slog my way through the villa towards the Chef...who has been eating wwwayyyyyy too much for his own good and is HUGE! Oh he has knives alright. Sharp ones. He would knock me down, stab me 3 times and I would be dead.

It was frustrating...very very very frustrating.

With the lag, I never knew if my healing buff had worn off, if I could drink a pot or if the timer was still going, if my damage spell was working... it was just terrible!

5 deaths later I killed the portly chef and cheered.

I go to turn the quest in. There is a double turn in. Awesome. More xp...



It is nights like there that honestly make me reconsider loving this game.

I spent an hour or so with chain dying.

I complete the quest only to have the turn in bugged.

With the way the quests are run, you can only have so many in your quest log at any one time. So, now I have this extra one I have completed but I can't get rid of it. Kinda aggravating.

I don't mean to always sound so down on the game, but I come home to relax from the stress of my day. Not to create more stress over silly bugs.

I am hoping some of this gets worked out soon. I have had friends leave the game in droves. They simply say between the lag, the bugs, and the lack of high end content its not worth the time and money.

I don't want to prove them right, but night after night of this, well... when it is not fun why do it?

On another note...

The new podcast is up and I did an interview with Impaqt from the forums about clerics and rogues... its a good one and worth listening to... I have been playing DDO almost 2 years and I play both classes, but I still have a lot to learn. You can listen here:)

Also when you click on the link here it will take you to the second installment of the on going story over on DDOcast... awesome stuff. Well written, interesting and just plain fun.

I think I am going to shove off to bed. I got The Other Boleyn girl in my netflix today and want to lay down and watch a few minutes before I dream.