3 game weekend

I had a great excuse to do nothing but game this weekend...

For those who don't know, I have 2 cats. Wonderful creatures. I adore them most of the time.

I feed them every morning without fail. Friday morning I am getting dressed and they are weaving in and out of my feet. I tripped avoiding stepping on one of them and my foot kicked my wall. *Pop*

I broke the pinky toe on my right foot. It kinda snapped like the wishbone in a turkey at thanksgiving. Not as much fun though and I didn't make a wish.


It's the most incredible shades of the rainbow. Being as it is a toe, there isn't much that can be done for it besides not walking on it and buddy taping it to the next toe over.

I may have failed my save on the cat incident, but I managed to behave myself for most of the weekend. Kinda.

Zeff was back from Navy stuff, so I was able to spend some time gaming with him.

We got my PoM in AoC up to lvl 44 on Friday before my grumpiness and his tiredness made us both go to sleep. We had a blast though. I love hearing him yell at me "But where did you go baby?" as he watches my health bar go down to zero :D I drive him nutty.

We got up Saturday and I was not in tip top form. I think we both ended up watching movies and just talking. We gamed maybe... I think. I took a nap at some point. Then he went to bed early... Or maybe we played AoC both Friday and Saturday... I don't know at some point the pain haze hit me and I became brainless.

I have this thing when I am sick. I go all OCD on things. And since I had been sitting on my rearend all day, I got up that night while Zeff was passed out and cleaned...for hours...it was bad. LOL But parts of my house looked better and by default I felt better. Ok its quirky.

On the bad side it aggravated my foot. I woke Sunday so sore I did absolutely NOTHING all day except keep the general area around me tidy.

Zeff and I played DDO and ended up running a dragon raid on elite because someone needed the favor. I have to say it was fun but tedious at times. I don't pug things a lot. And I was with Zeff and some of my guildies, but there are times when pugging out a couple of people is just bad news. We got it done though. It was not pretty, a lot of mana pots were used, the loot was crap, the end reward even crappier, but Velah was dead. :)

Then we moved on to Diablo 2. I was determined to finish Act 2. There was a little issue though. The last boss was ummm OMG. I had forgotten about him. And of course Zeff had gone in before me and promptly died while I was in the kitchen getting a drink. I went in after him without setting up a portal. It was ugly. We eventually picked up the 10 or 12 bodies we had made, we kept running in hitting a portal scroll picking up one body and I would cast a spell and we would run.

Thank gods I am playing a druid and I have pets. Many dire wolves were sacrificed in the rescuing of my bodies.

I had forgotten the fun in corpse runs. We were both exhausted.

I did NOT get a segment done for the podcast this weekend because like a n00blette I took a nap and missed the deadline. Sigh. However its a great show this week with Tolero, or Merlask who used to be on the podcast but now works for Turbine, let us know some of the happenings at Gencon. Take a listen here.

The new Forgotten Tales went up on Friday. Somehow I missed that. Here it is below.

I am off to get some work done. I had to wear flip flops to work. That is just sooooo embarrassing. EKKKK!!!!