Yawny Monday

I have had the yawns all day. I can't blame gaming for it. I think I only logged maybe 10 hours this week... maybe.

Mainly its because I have had something wonderful going on in my personal life... and yes that is all you are going to get out of me on that subject :D

Gaming wise...

The new podcast is up. I didn't do a segment this week, but you should listen anyways since Jerry FINALLY tied the Devs to their chairs in front of a speaker phone for the next Ask the Devs session. You can link to the podcast here.

I did play some DDO this weekend. I played my lowbie cleric and ran with my gf and another lowbie wizard. The three of us played through waterworks together. Totally fun. I hadn't really had a chance to see how the monk performed and I had a blast listening to her tell me all about the class and her finishing moves and her ki.

Stormreach seems to have hit the summer dulldrums though. It happens every year in every MMO I have ever played. There is lull during the summer. Families are traveling or outside fishing, boating, swimming, sports activities... the works. Playing an MMO just isn't real high on peoples radars.

Here in the Northeast the summer sun has been a total WITCH with a B, so I will admit to huddling indoors alot to avoid the sweltering heat.

But I have not been gaming heavily.

AOC is still going well. My guild has really been working on building our guild city. It's coming right along. And our guild has been growing by leaps and bounds as well. As a reminder, you can find me on Thog, and my guild is THE IMMORTALS... and yeah... my main is a clericy type names ROWANHEAL... ohhhh big surprise there right?

I have an audit at my office coming up. Geez, I feel like I won the wrong lottery. So I am off to go through 3 years of financials and files. YAY ME.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday and well if you have some extra chocolate, send it my way.

Oh and before I forget. This video below has been making the rounds for couple of weeks. Totally funny.