Usage based Internet?

Oh holy crappola...

AT&T has announced they feel that Internet usage caps and fees based on our usage are inevitable.

I guess I may have to agree here as much as I hate to.

For those of you shaking your head, Keen and Grav put this great article together on it.

If you’re like me you probably have little understanding of how much 1gb of bandwidth can get you. I found a nice explanation of how much just ONE GB can get you:

  • View 26,000 Web pages OR
  • Send 105,000 e-mails OR
  • Attach over 2,000 Microsoft Word documents (of about 10 pages each) OR
  • Receive up to 1,000 digital photos OR
  • Download more than 200 songs OR
  • Stream 18 hours of music from the Web OR
  • Download 1.5 movies (or 2/3 of a movie in High Definition) OR
  • Play games online for 240 hours (or 10 days)
From Keen and Gravs blog

Yeah so ummm... OUCHIE! I download music from Itunes or Amazon a lot. I download the occasion game demo. Both my games do regular patches. Sometimes I wipe my drive and reinstall from a digital download. I sooo play my games and spend alot of hours...probably about 100 a month on average. I send e-mails. Play on my myspace, read documents, make documents, scan the Internet for information, record then upload my podcast, then download the finished product.

This just means my wallet is about to shrink from a cherry tomato to a sun dried tomato. EWWWW

Its scary as heck to think about how dependent we all have become on the Internet. Shoot, I order my pizza, books, magazines, music, gifts for friends, IM like crazy, Teamspeak and Ventrillo for voice communication, Skype, Xfire... all of it done on the Internet. When I had an outage in February I felt lost.

So, am I going to need a usage minder on my internet so I don't go over my limit and have a hellacious bill? And yes, that was a pained reference to learning how not to be a chatterbox on my first cell phone.

Interested in what everyone else thinks since this has been the hot topic of the day.

I am off to look at more files... this audit is going to be the death of me.