I have been guilty of being a slacker lately. Both in my gaming life, my blogging life, my forum life and generally just pretty much all my electronic hubs.

I miss you all and I apologize.

What have I been up to? I ain't gonna tell you but its better than pixels :D

So I haven't had the thought to go gaming in like 6 days. I think that is a new record for me.

We all know the East coast got that ugly heat wave. I think my plan was to come home and not have to move for about 3 or 4 days as the heat crushed all willpower.

If this is summer's trend, I am going to be miserable.

AoC is still fun as heck...I made 40 and started my crafting skills. I chose Alchemy... at least I think I did... I was being distracted at the time... LOL

I am going to hopefully get in some gaming this weekend. I haven't even touched the DDO icon and know I need to get in game before the podcast tomorrow...

*rubs her tired eyes*

Anyone out there doing anything interesting... I feel like a vegetable left too long in the steamer...kinda limp with all the flavor bleached out...

I need a nap.

So Turbine is no longer going to be doing the Weekly Development Activities. I am pretty ticked about it. In fact I am downright peeved. Bleh.

A little birdy, IE JERRY, has said we WILL have ask the devs on the show this weekend.

I am off to try and talk my boss into letting me go home early and sleep.

Game on!