*snore fest*

I got in a little bit of gaming time this weekend.

In DDO, I did a raid night with my guild. Ok, it was drunken raid night. I was not drunk. I ended up nursing one glass of wine for 5 hours. It's too hot to drink. I just want some cool iced tea.

Anyways, I got into the new raid, the hound one. I like the new encounter area. Pretty cool. I was running my cleric and was a little afraid I would not do a good job, but I did decent at keeping people alive. Well ok, there were a few deaths, but not all of them were my fault...and that other cleric we had just was like chain dying. I gave up trying to heal him or raise him after the first one.

I found this raid to be...BORING!!! I don't think this was just because I was on my cleric either. Number one, I was running with a tight group of guys. They know what they are doing, so we did NOT have issues. Some solid fog, a little charm monster...a few heals thrown around and we were done... I think I might have even nodded off at some point.

The only highlight of the raid was Aerren the rogue being dominated... and the jokes which entailed.

No raid loot for me, but I did pick up a plus 2 wisdom tome as an end reward.

We took a short break to PVP in Yaga's Dodge a thon, but he was absent due to RL stuff and so I just killed my friends a few times with comet falls.

We then ran the other new one...

By now I was really not very excited... the first new raid had kinda been a let down... I mean I like puzzles, I can't solve one to save my life but I like the complexity... and a raid should bloody well be complex.

This other new one, whose name escapes me at this time of this writing, was a hack slash heal fest of uber proportions. Still playing my cleric, I found the repetitive nature of heal scroll, mass heal, heal scroll to be a little trying.

We beat this one easily as well. There was no puzzling, no thought really. The strategy? Have a nice barbarian tank, have a caster solid fog the devils, orthons and bats, and just stay alive with enough spell points until the overly inflated hit point boss is dead.


Once again I had no raid loot. And I think I just picked a weapon to sell from my end reward list.

Oh and I ran a 20th, 40th whateverth of my Reaver on my cleric... no plus 3 tomes of any kind, nothing she didn't already have 2 of, so I just took a treason so I could dual wield them when being silly. LOL

Over all, I remain unimpressed by this new Mod. Actually, I was heartily disappointed.

I wanted fun, interactive, thinking, strategy and well somewhat interesting.

I got hack in slash yuckiness.


I did play some AoC trying to help a girlfriend get her first character off of newbie island. I have been playing a bear shaman for this character. I find her super underpowered at low levels. Thankfully I have seen how kick ass they are at higher levels or I would just have dropped her.

Over all I kept busy this weekend thanks to fun friends who kept tabs on me :) *hugs* to all of you.

Oh, and for those wondering about Rowan's RL fun, yes Rowan met a fabulous man. For the purposes of my blog he will remain his gamer tag... Zeff...Yes, Rowan likes gamer men :D This one plays both of my games... how lucky am I?

Zeff is in the Navy, and sometimes this means he is away from his home... which means my blog is one way for him to check in... hence my warning to you all that my blog may become a little more sprinkled with personal goodies from time to time.

Ok, did I cover it all?

Yuppers... thats it for now... I am off to dig in some more of these files for the audit...

Ohhhh Rowan did a podcast this weekend... check it out :)