New Mod 7 came out for DDO on Tuesday.

Many exciting things have been added to the game. Some of them are just window dressing, like UI changes, quivers, collectible stacking in our bags in larger quantities, auto-gather, a redo to the map and a host of other small but appreciated changes.

We got a revamped Three Barrel Cove. I have always thought this was one of the best character areas in the game. I mean who can resist a pirate? The new area is for lvls 3-9 and there are 5 new quests out there for people to run. There is one with a super awesome puzzle in it. Course I will never be able to solve it being as I am puzzle challenged, but its fabulous to look at :)

There are 2 new raids.

And there are Monks. Finally this core class has been added to DDO.

And that my friends, is where my happy go lucky blog ends.

I am going to be ranting HEAVILY about this Mod on the podcast this weekend, so I won't bore you with it twice, but suffice it to say you should put on a flame suit to listen to my segment this coming weekend.

Oh and Argo is in the rear in getting the raid unlocked on the server. Seems we are all totally uninterested LOL. Could be because alot of the raiders I know are playing AOC right now... well ok I am guilty of that as well :)

I have thunderstorms here and may take the rest of the night off of gaming to sit down and watch a few movies I have had laying around for a week. Netflix is fantastic considering I will not watch a movie for awhile, then when I am ready they are there waiting on me.

Almost lvl 40 in AOC, almost... I can taste it.

I am off to order a pizza and enjoy.