Well it was an interesting weekend.

I played with some of my guildies on Ghallanda. I had fun. Have missed them all.

My sleep can be disturbed by the oddest things. Somehow it was off this weekend and I ended up staying up all night on Saturday. I haven't done that in years. Years. 34 hours with no sleep. Made me a loon. Funny thing is I ended up letting go of some of the emotional garbage I had been holding onto for a while. When you are that tired, just bone weary, everything slows and clarity is born.

I had some fun though. I played DDO all night.

Sometime around 4 am my time, my group turned from Americans to Australians, New Zealanders and Brits. Totally hilarious. I didn't understand half of what they were talking about. I think maybe some kind of sport, then a lager maybe, and then I think it was politics? But I could be way off because it was flying over my head. It was like going on vacation without leaving home.

It has gotten to me to thinking though.

Playing an MMO has given me the chance to get to know people all around the world. To hear opinions, jokes and so on about things I never would have thought about.

People give me a hard time about my gaming. Most find it a huge waste of time. I think its a fabulous. I have been gaming 10 years and I find it really educational.

I am by nature a pretty big introvert. I am not a girl who is going to a party or a bar and just socialize. MMO's are a really big part of how I ease myself into the world.

If left to my own devices I could probably stay in my house for long periods never messing with the outside. My gaming reminds me to push away from my desk and plant some flowers, go for a walk, go shopping, maybe even a movie by myself if I am feeling brave enough.

So to all my friends all over the world, thanks. I love you all.