I think most of you are aware, but I ride a train every morning to work. Its wonderful. I grab some coffee, get on board and relax until I get to my stop. I love it.

I love it except when a moron with a 50 pound suitcase decides to bounce into me then drop said suitcase on my foot. I normally don't cuss like a sailor before noon. I made an exception this morning. The idiot muttered "sorry" and scurried off the train with a huge yellow line of cowardice painted down his back. I am still cussing him. My foot looks like a kaleidescope of colors. I was closer to the office than home, but I am thinking this may end up being a short day. I need ice. I need pillows. Hell I need some alcohol.

I have been putting in some major hours in DDO. I have my cleric keyed for the abbot and am hoping to get it run soon if my guild ever gets it done. We are all off helter skelter at the moment. Some of us are on weird schedules, some are just bored with the grind and some are waiting for Age of Conan to come out so they can have a new shiney to play with.

I would try Age of Conan... maybe... I don't know. It's really not my thing. I might if I was playing with friends. It's really the only reason I play MMO's anyway.

I am kinda raided out in DDO. I do need to work on getting my rogues bracers built. I think I have decided on bracers. Maybe. Will probably change my mind before all is said and done.

I am grumpy, in pain and generally not a nice girl this morning. I need more coffee... anyone want to volunteer to go upstairs and get it for me? No cream or sugar, black, leaded and scalding hot please :D