I think its Tuesday. Maybe.

I loved my long weekend.

The neighbors cooked out and I scored some free food on Sunday. The kids were squealing and giggling in the backyards, splashing in pools and slipping and sliding down the lawn. With all the rain we had up here in May, everyones gardens are in bloom.

I took a long walk on Sunday and enjoyed the sights in my own town. Boats plowing through the river, flowers, people. Fabulous.

Course, if you look up at my xfire, you will see I mainly spent my weekend in Hyboria.

I am loving the game.

Now where did I leave off last time?

Combat. It's a mix of active and pushing buttons. I have never cottoned to Melee characters much. I simply love spellcasting and mainly healing. I did roll up a Bear Shaman in Age of Conan so I would have a little more experience here.

It's active in that it is timed to your characters hits. In DDO this is done by pressing your mouse. In AOC there are the 1,2 and 3 buttons. 1 is hitting from the left, 2 is from the center and 3 is from the right. So if your enemy is protecting its right side, switch and hit from the left by pressing the 1 key.

Also there are combos. For you DDO readers think of the times actions like sunder, trip and so on. In AOC, you use them with specific moves to get the damage you want.

When you get a fatality there is much gore, a decapitation is better still. I think the boys broke my ear drums over the weekend shouting out their kills. :)

Of course my favorite class so far is a supped up battle cleric. She is omg awesome. She seems to kill more than she heals and she is very very soloable. Priest of Mitra FTW!

I have to get back to my desk before things explode, but I did spend some time in DDO this week. It's just that the new shiny hasn't rubbed off of AOC yet :)

Here is last weeks Forgotten Tales... I meant to have this up on Friday. Sorry!

Also the new podcast is up. A few of us did a live cast about Mod 7 on Saturday, so give a listen to episode 69.

And yes I will be on Risia tonight on Rowanheal watching the Monk antics.