I haven't had much to write about lately. Life has been nice and boring.

I have been gaming too much trying to hide out from real life, so this week I am cutting back. I have been bad about just jumping on the computer for 2 weeks. It's long enough. Expect to see an improvement on my xfire soon. Really shameful to see all those hours on there. It's one of the reasons I use xfire. I can see those hours, and I can see there have been way too many of them!

I finally got into the Abbott raid this weekend. WOW!!! I know we all complain about this one, but you have to admit it is a challenge. I can do the ice thingy fine. I know we call this one a puzzle, but ummm really it is just hop scotch.

The asteroids come out a wee tad too fast for me. I can get about what I think is halfway on this one if I have a good twitch player with me. I discovered it really was easier if we were facing each other than if we were standing back to back. I kinda find this one fun, even if I can't figure out how to beat it.

The very first time I stepped into this quest I got stuck with the goggles puzzle. I was the one who had to pick up the goggles and use them. I found this irony to be of little humor. The girl who is always lost is now the only one who can see the path ahead. Somewhere the DDO gods were getting even with me for something I just know it. I stared at this one a while. I am not awesome at it, but it made a little more sense the second time I was ported into it. I haven't beat that part yet either. The pattern is there. It's just hard.

Overall, it was a very instructive couple of hours spent practicing. I learned a ton, had a good time, spent a lot of plat on repair bills and generally giggled for two hours with my guild mates.

I also ran the shroud on Elite this weekend. OMG!

We ran it legit. No pets were harmed in the completing of this raid. We left our beloved pets at the kennel to be picked up after we killed big red.

I was running my cleric. 1-3 Elite really are nothing. We breezed in and out of them. We get to part four. We are prepared. Both of our main tanks are Warforged, but we have a couple of rangers as well. There are 3 clerics...one of which spent a lot of time dead, but its all good. We got it done after a couple of untimely deaths, lots of heal scrolls, DV's , a few mana pots and just really a long long time.

I called for a 5 minute break before we attempted part 5. I had an inkling that is was going to be a slug fest.

I was not inaccurate. This fight with Big Red lasted a solid 25 minutes with my tanks beating in on him and the rangers ranging him and the clerics madly healing, the spell casters trying to get him down... IT WAS NUTS!

The tanks started taking so much damage to their weapons they had to start switching out. Equipment was getting broken, I was scared I was going to run out of heal scrolls, rangers running out of arrows after 15 minutes of straight shooting.

And then it happened. He finally died. We asked if anyone wanted to Dimension door out. There was a resounding silence until someone said, "Are you serious? I didn't go through all that not to get the completion!"

I was busting at the seams proud of all of us. We beat him the right way, with hard work, talent and a bunch of perseverance.

Guess who didn't take a screenshot! :(

Now let's see if I can remember all the names...

Groan on a wf barb
Mhykke on a wf barb
Totmacher on a cleric
Archlord on a sorcerer
Ganak on a fighter
Badlightening on a bard
Three a wf wizard
Ishy was on a cleric
Rowanheal was on a cleric
Vorpall on his ranger

Ok, I am missing two people. I don't know who. Will edit later I think :)

I have been lax in posting up the Forgotten Tales adventures lately, so here ya go. This one was a continuation of the last couple of stories. It's a funny strip this week. I am finding this roleplaying fun.

That's it for me. I am off to try and tackle some of the stuff I have on my desk. Hope everyone is warmer than I am. It's chilly here. Yuck.