There are watershed moments. I keep repeating that this is a year for change for me. Some have been unforeseen. I am struggling to keep up with all the crap being lobbed my way.

In so saying, if I appear overly cranky, yell at you, or log off with little but a curse... cut me some slack.

I have about raided everything out in DDO. I am actually a wee tad bored at the moment. I can't think of anything else to do. I log on for a few hours every night and just hang out with friends.

However, I think I maybe trying AOC out tomorrow maybe. The video below is rated M for mature. I want to be that bad ass girl... except I will be wearing pink.

Now, how can I resist that? In so saying, they have added a toggle for those like me who are squeamish... I can toggle off nudity and gore and blood and so on:)

The new podcast is up... I had a few friends and fellow guild mates come along to do the show. Allorious, Totmacher and Aspenor joined Jerry and I. It was fun... except my connection kept timing out. I think the gremlins must have gotten in my line again.

Anyways, I will be spotty on here for a bit. Have some personal stuff to square away over the next few weeks.

Life sucks...Men suck...Basically I am telling ya to get in line if ya want to whine... I got dibs...