Alright I've had it. I am pissed off beyond belief at the complete lack of respect.

I rarely rarely rarely pug. I mean almost never.

Last night I logged onto DDO and no one was on in my guild and I was in the mood to play. Apparently everyone was taking a dinner break. So, I pugged a shroud raid.

First one was ok. They talked about bugging it out but didn't. We wiped in a massive lag spike. It was brutal, but at least honest.

Second one, not so much. I joined party and type out "Ummm we are not going to be using pets to bug are we?" I get the answer "NO" over voice chat. Fine. Awesome.

We step into part 4... and next thing I know there are lions and earth elementals going for the pit fiend with a guy chanting over voice chat "Go get him my pretties bug him out."

Sigh. Do I have to be a complete fricking brat to make myself clear? Rowan is not now or in the foreseeable future going to bug out the pit fiend. She is not interested. She finds it complete crap. She finds people who do it to be complete crappy players with no sense of fair play.

I dropped group like a hot potato. :) I was playing my cleric. I think they were a mite ticked off about it.

I didn't even say anything over voice chat. Just typed. "Well sorry guys gotta go now." And recalled. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

But it gets better. About half an hour later in a Titan my guild leader asks "Did someone just drop group?" I told it was me.

*Blows out a breath* I am nice. I can't help it. It makes me all kinds of guilty to drop group. I have done it 4 times in almost 2 years of playing. I don't like it.

However, even I have my limits. I am not going to purposefully and blatantly exploit a game with stupidity. I am not going to apologize for having this ethical stance.

Apparently someone in our guild had been dropping groups alot. So I was in the crosshairs for having done it. Thankfully I am me. So everyone pretty much knew it was not something I was going out there to do on purpose without having warned people.

I am going to have to not pug. I maybe a little too square in some ways. I like life to be simple. Good friends and good times. I play by the rules and it has been pointed out to me I tend to remind everyone of the rules all the time to protect myself from uncomfy situations.

It just chaps my hide. I have enough stress in my life without messing with it in my game of choice.

I realize I am ranting. I am just plain mad. It happens.

There is a reason I don't pug.

Someone pass me a mimosa. I need some breakfast.