I have been knee deep in Hyborian Adventures.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the Age of Conan servers went live this past Tuesday.

I had my reservations about trying the game. For one, it wasn't a fantasy world I was really all that interested in, two it was gory, three it had partial nudity, four it is rated M for mature.

I had some DDO friends who were going to be playing it, so I waited to get the buddy pass so I could get in game.

Then Funcom let us know the passes were on hold for a little while to allow the servers to settle after launch. Ba!!!

I made a decision. Tuesday I went out after working late and bought the game. I know, I know, I know. What if I hated it? What if it was boring, buggy, bad?

I got the game installed and patched with no issues. I am lucky on this. The system requirements are not all that high, but this game is not made for those with low end systems. Many people have errors they still cannot fix and are unable to play the game.

As usual, I will remind people to update their drivers and such BEFORE installing the game...

I got in with no problems. I already knew which server I was going to play on since I had DDO friends waiting on me.

I rolled up a Priest of Mitra on Thog server and joined my friend in their guild the Immortals.

Character creation is visually customizable. There are sliders for almost any feature. Reminded me very much of the City of Heroes customization.

Stat wise, not so customizable. Its pretty cookie cutter. I miss the "building" of a character from DDO. You do begin to use skill points immediately upon leveling, and you have access to Feat trees for your class once you ding 10.

I loaded in and landed on newbie island.

Let me say it. This game is graphically STUNNING. There were times when it was jaw dropping stunning. Water effects, clothing effects, grass, trees... its all just beautiful.

I mean look at the reflections on this water. Its simply breathtaking. When you swim through it, it ripples around your body.

I need to get back to work for today. I will continue with my impressions on the combat system, the questing, guild management and grouping capabilities tomorrow.

This game is not a DDO killer. It is too different to unilaterally appeal to both sets of gamers, but it is a blast to play.

(I would like to thank Engrav0 for the above screenshots.)