Tuesday's bleh

It is Tuesday. I am sure this has not escaped your notice. I wish occasionally it would skip mine. I always seem to be a grumpy person on Tuesdays.

Its mainly because Mondays are slow in my office. Tuesdays seem to be when all the crap hits the fan. On this Tuesday, I am busier than a one armed wall paper hanger.

I did get a few raids done last night. One reaver and one titan. Fun times. I didn't pull any raid loot this time. Boo Hiss.

Ok, Massively did a story on this and its too juicy to let it pass by. So a man in florida is suing IGN of plat farmer and gold hocking fame in a class action lawsuit. It's just fabulous right? He claims that IGN's services inflate the virtual economy causing people to spend too much time trying to keep up with the people who buy plat and items. He happens to be a WOW player.

I am thrilled to be seeing this actually. I am fairly sure this is a test case. I am pretty darn sure it is not going to be successful, but every industry has to start somewhere.

In DDO they have taken huge steps in curbing the plat farmer in game. Trial accounts can no longer send mail, and the new mail system has an unconfirmed side. I haven't gotten a single plat farmer mail in forever.

However, I seem to be getting more and more tells in game for BUY NOW. A new UI option allows me to right click on the name sending me the tell and report the farmer in seconds for their spam. Its beautiful. I am not sure how effective it is, but its working on the problem.

In honor of plat farmers everywhere I will repost my favorite plat farmer video. Never fails to make me giggle.