The Witcher

I have dipped my toe into a new game... maybe. I haven't quite made up my mind yet.

The Witcher is a new RPG that has been getting some decent buzz. I will warn you. It is not for children or for those who offend easily. It is M for Mature and it means it. I downloaded the demo last night and a few bad words scrolled across my screen in only the first few minutes.

Ok, so it may be mildly offensive, but how is the gameplay? Ummmm AWESOME???

After my frustration with Neverwinter Nights 2, which is super clumsy to play, I am floored.

I know, I know I play DDO almost fulltime. So why do I need another game? Because every once in a while I need a few hours of a stand alone RPG. A fix if you will.

The Witcher may just be my latest fix. The Demo is smooth. The controls are easy enough for me to pick up on. The graphics are superb and the story is fabulous. I am already chomping at the bit to run over and pick up a copy of this game.

So why am I not? Because. Sigh. Everything always has a catch doesn't it.

The Witcher is being reboxed as we speak. In May, a "new and improved" version of the game is going to be available. Personally, I hear these words and DOOM echoes in my brain. So, I am thinking, I may go buy the game and play it through now and then try it with the free patch of the "New and Improved" Witcher when it becomes available in May.

I normally don't gush about a game. Ok, I gush about DDO, hush. Seriously though, its been a while since I have been hot to trot about a new RPG. The story and the ease of the controls makes it a win win. Add some great graphics and rocking soundtrack and I am all kinds of giddy like a school girl.

I would post some video of the game, but it really is M for mature. So, if you are curious, please visit their website and tell them you are old enough to view it :D

I am off to heat up some soup for lunch and try and look busy at my desk. My day is slow and boring after a flurry of activity yesterday. Ugh! Working out is going fine. The weather here is slowly improving. It was chilly this morning but is going to be warm this afternoon, so I am wearing layers of Pink...yes, pink... was there ever any doubt?